eCT Connect Work – A virtual collaboration


Build a Multi-Site Collaboration with eCT Connect Work! If you have current NIH funding and you’re interested in identifying potential collaborators in the Mountain West, we can assist in your effort!

eCT Connect Work is an exciting new collaboration tool that offers the chance to build interest across the regional network for research projects that have opportunities for multiple investigators and/or disciplines.

Collaborate with PIs across the Mountain West. Through interactive video with shared content (PowerPoint presentations, documents, demonstrations of procedures, viewing of related web material, etc.) you will have the ability to collaborate with your peers who will ultimately contribute by performing clinical trials, sharing data, and offering expertise. To start building a multi-site collaboration, schedule your first interactive meeting NOW!

eCT Connect tools 


 To begin your first eCT Connect Work,  the presenter (PI) will require the following:

A PowerPoint presentation regarding your research project, and a section that outlines your goals for the proposed multi-site collaboration.

A Laptop/PC that has a built-in webcam or a plug-in camera

Access to internet/ browser to access Adobe Connect software (provided by the CTR-IN). If you do not have prior knowledge of Adobe Connect software (a software that powers webinars and conferences through virtual space), the CTR-IN will provide assistance and/or training.

Available dates/times (minimum 3) to schedule eCT Connect webinars (including a mock webinar) through Adobe Connect.

The CTR-IN Meeting Coordinator will promote your eCT Connect Work (webinar) through a series of e-Blasts (e-mail marketing) that will provide participants with registration information to participate in the webinar followed by a link to the Adobe Connect webinar.

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