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Tracking & Evaluation Unit (TEU)

 Current MW CTR-IN T&E Unit

The Mountain West CTR-IN’s Tracking and Evaluation (T&E) Unit is currently housed within the Administrative Core providing overall evaluation and assessment of the CTR-IN program. The T&E Unit reports directly to the PI, Steering and Executive Committees on the achievement of the specific aims and milestones for each Core of the CTR-IN program. The T&E Unit is led by Director of Program Administration, Evaluation, and Outcomes, Amanda Annan, MPH with assistance from T&E Consultant, Craig Johnston, PhD, and the T&E Coordinator, Mark Radke.

Our major objective is to assess the overall progress of the MW CTR-IN program toward its goal of increasing the quantity, quality, and NIH funding of clinical and translational research within the MW  region. The T&E Unit actively collects information from a wide range of sources across the CTR-IN program to determinate its overall impact and outcomes. The T&E Unit is responsible for conducting process evaluation activities that include assessments, implementation monitoring, improving program interventions, and providing feedback to modify Core programmatic activities as necessary.

The specific aims of the T&E Unit:

  • Use a detailed internal evaluation plan to regularly assess implementation of the short-term and long-term CTR-IN training and research goals, including implementation of specific programmatic activities.
  • Evaluate processes and outcomes related to the specific aims of the CTR-IN program and its Cores, and provide data in order to modify activities to more effectively and efficiently advance clinical and translational research.
  • Use the evaluation results to develop best practices and share these practices in a national program


In 2018, the T&E Unit will become an independent Core in order to more optimally meet the growing assessment and evaluation needs of the CTR-IN program as it focuses on health disparities in the MW region.


Coming soon – the MW CTR-IN Tracking and Evaluation Core!

It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that the MW CTR-IN program announces that in July 2018, the current Tracking and Evaluation Unit (TEU) will evolve to become an independent Tracking and Evaluation Core (TEC) [Figure 1]. The new TEC will function to meet the growing assessment and evaluation needs of the MW CTR-IN program by expanding the scope of the TEU’s existing tracking efforts and the establishment of new evaluation procedures to enhance the capability of the CTR-IN’s program to meet its short-term and intermediate-term goals.

In order to achieve the MW CTR-IN’s goals, the new T&E Core has established 3 specific Aims:

  • Aim 1. Enhance the existing tracking and monitoring systems to better standardize and harmonize data collection and data management methods to track the use, quality, and cost of programs, resources, and services provided by the CTR-IN and its cores.
  • Aim 2. Evaluate process data related to the delivery of CTR-IN programs and services and resource use for the purposes of program improvement to better meet researcher needs, increase efficiency, and enhance service quality.
  • Aim 3. Evaluate progress toward meeting CTR-IN aims through a rigorous evaluation of outcome data.

The new T&E Core’s activities will provide a synergistic approach designed to improve the formative decision-making processes of the CTR-IN’s PI and Steering Committee, and to further guide the Executive, Internal and External Advisory Committees through evaluation and reporting of evidence based data and outcomes.

Keep checking back for updates as we move closer to implementing our new Tracking & Evaluation Core in July 2018!



Contact Us

To contact the CTR-IN Administrative Core by phone, you may call (702) 895-1079 between 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Or, you may email us at at any time.


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