Idaho State University

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Provides statewide leadership in the health professions with 19 programs in the Division of Health Sciences and is engaged in interdisciplinary basic and translational research. The university has a diverse student population derived from both urban and rural settings of the Intermountain West, with a large proportion of students maintaining the goal of returning to rural areas following graduation. Recognizing its critical role, the Division of Health Sciences has committed to: (1) education of disadvantaged students; (2) increasing health care providers, especially in primary care; (3) increasing graduate migration to underserved communities; and (4) enhancing research activities with a rural focus. Idaho is a large, sparsely populated western state of mountains, rivers, high deserts, forests and agriculture. The mission-specified emphasis on interdisciplinary basic and translational research requires faculty to be active in scholarship, to seek and obtain external grants, and to disseminate the results of their research. The ISU Family Medicine Clinical Research Center (FMCRC) and the Institute of Rural Health (IRH) have historically generated the bulk of the clinical research in the Division of Health Sciences. Established nearly 20 years ago the FMCRC and IRH have been involved in numerous clinical trials (industry- and NIHsponsored) and conducted extramurally funded, investigator-initiated research. The FMCRC occupies approximately 2000 sq. ft. in the Department of Family Medicine and presently has about 200 subjects enrolled in 8 different clinical trials. Multi-center research from the FMCRC has appeared in prestigious journals such as Lancet, JAMA, and the New England Journal of Medicine. Additionally, researchers have had the opportunity to develop proposals for ancillary studies and sit on writing panels for additional publications from these multicenter trials. Although recent years have been modestly productive, resource, teaching commitments, and infrastructure limitations (see below) have prevented the growth clinical research in the Division.