CTR-IN Pilot Projects Program (CP3)

Program Overview

The overall objective of the CP3 is to develop a culture of collaborative multidisciplinary clinical and translational health disparities research within and across western IDeA institutions to positively impact health in our communities. To achieve this objective the CP3 supports three pilot funding mechanisms:

  1. Health Disparities Pilot Projects. These awards are intended for single Principal Investigator projects that are focused on a health disparity. The CP3 core will work closely with the BERD, Community Engagement and Outreach and Administrative Cores to define our focus on health disparity research areas to ultimately identify at risk population(s). The goal of this clinical or translational research project should be to generate the key preliminary data that will allow the investigator to subsequently submit a competitive extramural grant application to NIH or other funders.
  2. Multisite Pilot Projects (MSPPs). Nationally successful clinical trials research often involves multiple recruitment and implementation sites. To model and support “gold-standard” approaches for nationally competitive clinical trials research, the CP3 administers larger-scale multisite pilot projects. Each MSPP will involve participant recruitment through a minimum of two of the 13 partner institutions. The projects typically will be led by a more experienced investigator but can include junior investigators at partnering sites. The MSPP goal is to build the necessary infrastructure to address regional health disparities in the MW region and to compete nationally for multisite clinical trials and related research.
  3. Developmental Translational Team Grants (DTTG). To foster the CTR goal of cross-disciplinary integration of basic, clinical, and translational research, the CP3 will coordinate with other IDeA programs to support small team-building grants. Faculty at our partner institutions include a broad cohort of IDeA-supported basic science, preclinical investigators (e.g., INBRE, COBRE) and clinical investigators, yielding opportunities for building teams and leveraging core resources to advance research among faculty from these different backgrounds for the greater benefit to patients and communities.

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Current CP3 Funding Opportunities

Curtis Noonan, PhD

Associate Director
Tony Ward, PhD

Robert ‘Scott’ Seville, PhD (Years 6-10)


Contact Us

To contact the CTR-IN Administrative Core by phone, you may call (702) 895-1079 between 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Or, you may email us at ctr-in@unlv.edu at any time.


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