Welcome to the Professional Development Core site!

The PDC core was formerly termed "Clinical Research Education, Mentoring and Career Development" (CREMCaD). The name change reflects a greater emphasis on coordinated career development for lead investigators and also other members of effective CTR teams.

PDC offers
  • Short Online Courses,
  • Grant Writing Workshops,
  • Assistance in finding and working with a Mentor, and
  • CTR Research Awards, and
  • Advance to Funding
Short Online Courses
The CTR-IN offers a variety of educational resources for faculty and students at the 13 universities in the Mountain West Research Consortium (MWRC)
To access the educational materials on these pages, we ask that you register. This will help us understand what works and what doesn't work so that we can continue to develop materials that address the needs of our target audience - people like you! Note that this registration is strictly for use within the CTR-IN program, we do not share your information with any entity outside of the CTR-IN. Once you log in, you can access any of the training material.

If you are interested in viewing our short courses, please visit Short Courses. We have courses on a variety of topics ranging from How to talk with your Biostatistician to Grant Writing tips.

Grant Writing Workshops
CTR-IN offers 3 grant writing workshops each year. These are hosted at our headquarters site at UNLV. We bring in outstanding instructors who are world class experts in how to plan and draft a successful grant proposal for the NIH and other major sponsors of clinical and translational research.

CTR-IN offers assistance in finding a mentor and establishing that relationship. The Mentoring Unit also provides assistance and advice to help insure that those relationships are beneficial for both parties. If you are looking to find potential mentors or collaborators, or you would like to serve as a mentor, please enter a VIVO profile. By doing so you make it possible for others to find you when they are seeking collaboration in areas of shared interest. We've developed a short video course to help you create your VIVO profile, it's available here ...

Advance To Funding
Advance to Funding (ATF) Program is a pre-submission mock grant review process for faculty who are submitting their first R-level application to the NIH. This ATF program provides the opportunity to submit their R-type grant proposals for internal review prior to submission to the funding agency. Applicants of this program will receive insight into the grant review process and help to improve the science and format of their applications thereby increasing their chances for success.

We hope you find this information helpful to your efforts to conduct Clinical Translational Research! Please contact us if you have suggestions for other content we can add to these pages.