Editorial Support

The Mountain West CTR-IN wants to help you achieve success as an independent investigator in clinical and translational research. As you are probably keenly aware, publications are an essential element along that path.

We are here to help you polish manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals, abstracts for national scientific meetings, and ultimately, research plan text for a successful NIH grant application.

The CTR-IN has an Editor on our staff who can help you …

penComposing a well-polished, professional scientific publication takes time, effort, and a fresh set of eyes! Following stylistic guidelines specific to each discipline, the CTR-IN Editor will review your draft proposal, scientific publication, or meeting abstract and assist you in polishing it.

Editing services include formatting, spelling and punctuation, rewriting sentences or reorganizing paragraphs to improve clarity and impact, eliminating jargon, and generally smoothing the language.


FORM: Questionnaire for Access to CTR-IN Editing Services for Papers, Abstracts and Presentations