Design, Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CRDEB)

The goal of the CRDEB is to accelerate the translation of scientific discovery into improved health by creating a coordinated infrastructure that encourages innovative clinical and translational research and enhances our training of new and established researchers. It will provide comprehensive support for study design, biostatistics, and basic data management from a centralized, coordinated resource that includes faculty from MWRC institutions. The team of biostatisticians will collaborate closely with MWRC investigators in developing innovative research designs and biostatistical methodologies.

A biostatistician is available at each institution (click here for full list …) and should be the key contact for investigators at each university. If there is additional need for CRDEB support it can be accessed via the CRDEB core facility at UNM.

UNM will provide “distance” consultations in two circumstances: 1) when the 0.2 FTE effort at a particular site is exceeded, and 2) expertise is needed that does not exist at the local site. If there is excess demand for biostatistical support you may access biostatisticians at UNM by requesting a conference call via phone: 505-272-8309 or email: When a consultation is scheduled you will receive login information for an Adobe Connect conference call. Most computers will not require additional software for the conference call. Dr. Orrin Myers will be coordinating the UNM biostatisticians and can provide additional details.

CTR Biostatistics Expertise

Epidemiological study design, Design of clinical and vaccine trials, Group-randomized designs

Bioinformatics, Heath informatics, Analysis of large medical databases

Discrete data analyses, Evaluation of diagnostic tests, ROC curves
Clustered and longitudinal and categorical data

Linear and non-linear mixed effects models, Survival modeling
Structural equation modeling, Functional data analysis

Statistical genetics, Genomics, High-dimensional data analysis,

Spatial Modeling, Spatial-temporal analysis, Environmental and ecological modeling

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Kimberly Page, PhD, MPH

Associate Director
Fares Qeadan, PhD