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Having been established in 2013, the Mountain West (MW) Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network (CTR-IN) program encompasses 1/3rd of the U.S. landmass stretching across 4 time zones among 7 IDeA states that partners with the major 13 MW public state universities and constitutes almost 1/3rd of all of the 23 IDeA states (Figure 1).

The MW CTR-IN Program is funded through the U54 mechanism by the National Institute of General Medical Services (NIGMS) at the National Institute of Health (NIH). The mission of the MW CTR-IN Program is to enhance the research infrastructure of the 13 MW University partners for the conduct of rigorous clinical and translational research (CTR) through 4 Cores: Administrative, Pilot Projects Program (CP3, formerly known as CTPG [Clinical and Translational Pilot Grants]), Professional Development (PD, formerly known as Clinical Research Education, Mentoring, and Career Development [CREMCaD]), and Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research and Design (BERD, formerly known as Clinical Research Design, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics [CRDEB]). In addition, for Years 6-10, the MW CTR-IN Program will be adding two additional Cores: Community Engagement & Outreach (CEO) and Tracking & Evaluation (T&E).
The Administrative Core is located at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), the parent University of the MW CTR-IN Program. Under the leadership of the Principal Investigator, Parvesh Kumar, MD, the Administrative Core provides overall leadership and strategic direction to the MW CTR-IN Program including the day-to-day operational support to assist the other 3 Cores in meeting their goals and objectives. Specifically, the Administrative Core is responsible for the following programmatic activities:

  • Overall Leadership / Strategic Direction of the MW CTR-IN Program
  • Programmatic coordination of the U54 Cooperative Agreement with the NIGMS Program Staff at the NIH.
  • Supporting the organizational structure of the MW CTR-IN Program to facilitate the programmatic interactions amongst the Steering Committee, the Executive Committee, the Internal Advisory Committee and the External Advisory Committee.
  • Provide Supervision and Strategic Direction to the Cores of the MW CTR-IN Program
  • Coordinating communication to facilitate programmatic activities across the other Cores and the various organizational committees
  • Managing and coordinating the fiscal activities of the Program including the sub-awards for the 3 Cores and the sub-contracts for the Biostatisticians
  • Supporting the Tracking and Evaluation Unit that assesses metric-driven performance across the MW CTR-IN Program.
  • Planning and conducting the MW CTR-IN Annual Meeting.
  • Developing, maintaining and updating the MW CTR-IN Website
  • Facilitating and increasing collaboration among the other IDeA Programs (i.e., INBREs and COBREs) and the 13 University Partners in the MW Region for the conduct of CTR
  • Identifying and addressing health disparities in the MW Region


Contact Us

To contact the CTR-IN Administrative Core by phone, you may call (702) 895-1079 between 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. Or, you may email us at at any time.


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