Administrative Key Component Activity

The Administrative Key Component Activity (Admin KCA), is hosted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). The Admin KCA is responsible for the overall coordination of all elements of the CTR-IN progam. Under the leadership of the Principal Investigator, Parvesh Kumar, MD, it provides day-to-day operational support to assist the other 3 KCAs in delivering their services, and to ensure the smooth ongoing function of the CTR-IN program.

The Admin KCA is responsible for:

  • Interaction under the U54 Cooperative Agreement with the NIH Program Staff at the National Institute of General Medical Services.
  • Supporting communication and coordinating activities across the KCAs.
  • Supporting the organizational elements outside of the KCAs including the Steering Committee, the Executive Committee, the Internal Advisory Committee and the External Advisory Committee.
  • Managing sub-contracts for KCA activities at the University of New Mexico, the University of Montana, the University of Hawaii and the University of Nevada School of Medicine.
  • Supporting the Tracking and Evaluation Unit which monitors performance across the program.
  • Developing and coordinating a national Tracking and Evaluation Consortium of CTR Centers.
  • Planning and conducting the CTR-IN Annual Meeting.
  • Developing and maintaining this website and all of the CTR-IN’s websites, web portals, and network connectivity in the program.

The Admin KCA also provides resources in direct support of research, including:

  • Support for scientific exchange and the development of collaborative relationships through an annual meeting as a gathering point for faculty from all 13 partner institutions, the External Advisory Committee, NIH staff, pilot grant and fellowship recipients and mentors.
  • Assistance with editing of research materials such as abstracts, manuscripts and extramural grant proposals for supported investigators, and assistance with preparation of IRB and similar materials required for the conduct of research by supported investigators.
  • Support for identifying and addressing regional health disparities through themed keynote presentations and tracks at the annual scientific meeting.

Support for competitively reviewed research awarded as Pilot Grants, and CTR-IN Fellowships (comprised of Visiting Scholarships and Mini-Sabbaticals) is provided through subcontracts issued by the Admin KCA through the UNLV Office of Sponsored Projects.