MW CTR-IN Organizational Structure

The CTR-IN organizational structure is composed of the Internal Advisory Committee (IAC), External Advisory Committee (EAC), Steering Committee (SC), Executive Committee (EC), and Concierge Network (Figure 1).

Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) is composed of the Vice Presidents for Research or their designee from each of the 13 university partners and Chaired by the Vice President of Research for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The IAC provides guidance on allocation of resources to ensure equity in research support across the partnerships and CTR priorities of the MW region that is responsive to the needs of the 13 MW Universities and their populations. It also serves as the major venue of communication and access to each partner University. The IAC meets at least twice yearly, once in-person at the MW CTR-IN annual meeting and at least once by teleconferencing. In addition, the PI also conducts site visits at least once annually to individually meet with each of the MW University VPRs and other relevant stakeholders (i.e., Core Directors, Associate Directors, Concierge, Biostatisticians, Pilot Grant Awardees, etc.).

External Advisory Committee (EAC) is comprised of 6 to 8 well-established senior research investigators and/or leaders. The EAC provides “external” and independent advice and assessment on the scientific aspects of the CTR-IN program to the PI. The EAC’s input ensures that research priorities are being met, such as further enhancing and building CTR capacity to focus on health disparities in the MW region. In addition, the EAC also provides a final programmatic review and approval of our pilot grant awards (i.e., PGs, MSPP, DTTGs) at the Annual MW CTR-IN meeting to ensure that high quality scientific projects are being recommended for funding. Moreover, the EAC members are also active participants in the scientific activities of the Annual Meeting, interacting with Pilot Grant Awardees and providing them with valuable feedback on their research findings. The EAC meets at least twice annually, once in-person at the MW CTR-IN Annual Meeting and at least once by teleconferencing. Our nationally known EAC members are appointed by the PI for 2-year term(s) based on a number of criteria including their expertise in scientific / research areas.

Steering Committee (SC) provides advice to the MW CTR-IN Principal Investigator regarding the overall programmatic, strategic and scientific direction of the program. In turn, the PI solicits the advice and guidance from the SC regarding specific issues including the sharing of tracking and evaluation data, and progress in meeting the overall CTR-IN goals.. The SC is composed of 9 members [i.e., 1 Ex-Officio Non-Voting Member (PI and Chair), 6 Voting and 2 Ad Hoc Members)] who meet at least quarterly to ensure that the aims and objectives of the MW CTR-IN Program are being met. The 6 voting members include the following: Deputy Director, all Core Directors (CP3, PD, BERD, CEO, T&E) except the PI / Director of the Administrative Core. The two Ad Hoc members are the NIGMS Project Officer and NIGMS Project Scientist.

Executive Committee (EC) is the “operational” committee for the MW CTR-IN Program that implements the aims and programs to ensure that they are accomplished under the supervision of the Administrative Core. It coordinates the major CTR and other activities across the MW CTR-IN program and is responsible for implementing the activities of all the Cores. It also advises the PI on the programmatic and Core operations of the MW CTR-IN Program. It is composed of the PI, Deputy Director, all Core Directors, Associate Directors and the CTSA Liaison. The EC meets bimonthly by teleconferencing and at least once a year in person at the MW CTR-IN annual meeting.

Concierge Network (CN): The Concierge are usually a high level professional staff member in the offices of the Vice Presidents of Research (VPR) from the 13 MW Universities that serve to “connect” the MW CTR-IN program to the research faculty at their respective universities. The Concierge’s provide a number of critical functions as follows: (1) Guiding their respective research faculty to programmatic support from the MW CTR-IN program, such as the investigators’ overall professional development through consultation / mentoring, grant writing workshops, “advance to funding” programs, etc., (2) Identifying appropriate faculty for pilot project grants (i.e., Pilot Grant, Multi-Site Pilot Grants) and assisting them with the application process, (3) Assisting the MW CTR-IN program in data collection (e.g., extramural grant funding), (4) Updating / sharing their institution’s and other infrastructure grant (COBRE, INBRE) program’s core resources with the CTR-IN program to be leveraged throughout the MW region, (5) Identifying other MW CTR-IN resources for their faculty such as biostatistical support and expertise, and (6) Coordinating / facilitating communication between their respective University and the CTR-IN leadership, including PI site visits with their institution. The Concierge is appointed by their respective VPRs of the 13 MW University partners.


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